Universities In Australia

The student community of Australia includes more than 5,00,000 internationals from over 150 countries studying in Universities.

Universities of Australia works with the government on their education plan to ensure the standard of teaching and courses in the 39 Australian universities is maintained at a world-class level.

The Terms University and Degree are protected in Australia so that only institutions which meet Australia’s high quality assurance processes can use the titles.

All 39 government funded are listed in the Australian Qualifications Framework. There are also private institutions that offer higher education and many of these are ‘accredited’, i.e. approved by state or territory government to design and provide higher degrees of required standard. Australian universities also have overseas branch campuses, twinning arrangements and exchange programmes for students and staff globally.

Higher or post school education is of two types: University or higher education providers comprise the first kind. The second is the Vocational Education and Training sector which delivers the practical and skill oriented courses most valued or required by the Industry.Australian education is being constantly reviewed the government, industry and professional bodies to ensure that it does not stagnate but is updated to support the changing economy and its new requirements.

The Australian Universities Quality Agency (AUQA) is an independent, not-for-profit national organisation that promotes, audits and reports on quality assurance in Australian higher education.The Australian Qualifications Framework is a unified system of national qualifications in schools, vocational education and training.Many universities any now partnering with their equals abroad to either deliver the foreign partners courses in Australia or vice versa. This new global approach keeps students in touch with the world